Uni break 2 weeks

19/9 untill 4/10

Need break so badly

Food Log

Today like any other uni day, rush to uni after I wake up,

Filet o fishx 1                        Calories 301

Lunch take 1
sushi roll x2                          Calories 300

Water x 1

140g of nuts                         Forgot !

Chupa Chups x 3                   ???

Lunch take 2
Lean beef burger x1             Calories 250

Filet o fish burger x1             Calories 301

Small fries x1                        Calories 256

Small OJ x1                          Calories 136

Lean beef burger x1              Calories 250

Water x1

Total Calories 1787  + Chupa Chups x 3 + 140g of nuts

My goal is 2000  ^^


Embedd software

Lots of work !

We are writing a real time operating systems for it.

I guess this is what we have different to IT

I like this twit

@jonathanleang btw~ dun force urself to forget her~ but dun hold onto the past either =] (via @PrincessRubii3)



I drink maybe once or twice a week,

just 1 or 2,  3-4 Drinks Max

Should not go over this limit.

some advice from ex gf

Talk to her online today

this is her advise

u got to find someone u really in love with
all i am saying is that becareful of wt u choose

I know I need to be picky for my next gf,

don’t want to waste time and unnecessary dramas

This Song is like written to me n J


New Found <3 for Learning

Now I started to do breaking i start to think about learning other things I might have interest in too



Wing chun

How old do I look like?

Was told 20 max maybe 18-19

=] cool

I like being young ^^


When I find something I love, I always order the same thing, never gets bored of it !

Glog 5/50