Minimalist porn

Pure friend

Is it possible to be just pure friend with a pretty girl ?? (single)

Edit: Yep

Edit: Depends



Going to support Kira next week at her uni event,

She is very good at design, and she loves it~ looking forward to see her work

She have been with her boyfriend even long than me and my ex, I think more than 6 years



After getting my project marked, I went home sleep.

Went to have dinner with Kaz, win, Andra at japanese place and go home.

My friends are saying I like bb, I keep telling them is just a friend but my face got red so maybe I do like her, but I don’t think I will date her, she is more fun as a friend, and she kind of have a bf already, I don’t want gf now, i m still actached to ex.

Andra ask me to go yoga class but is kind of gay, not sure if I want to go.

And just lazy about at home watching discovery ch, talking about penguns, so fat and cute.

Think about the software engineering project, learn a bit of code, but cbb doing it don’t feel like it yet.

Thinking about j n bb

J thinks her temper is bad, I think I got used to it in these 5-6 year ( 16 untill 22 years old)

I got used to get push around by her.

So it’s ok, is not that bad

She hv already changed a lot these 6 years with me, becomming better in many ways.

Her new bf should should be good to her, since it is his choice to interfer with us, coz I was good to her and he should too, if it wasn’t him I will not break up with her and she will not give me up.

Internet limited

4 more days untill reset,

As back up, I still have 3g connection on iPhone , and connect my laptop as usual when I m out, so that’s ok.

Maybe sleeping at uni for the next 4 days is a good idea !!

Before I can go to j home, but not anymore now.


Just one more 1 hour boring lecture on Friday Morning

break for 2 weeks

need it very badly

Work patten

My work patten,

I like to work really really hard untill a goal is reached
when I reached it, i start to relax for about the same period

I don’t think well these days, can’t fouse on anything, my mind just wonders around, and I don’t feel too stress about uni, but all my friends seems to be so stress about it

Sleeping at uni

Is pretty comfoable sleeping on uni sofa, using laptop case as pellow,

There is Internet there is power plug, I can pretty much live in uni for a week

After working hard

Spend all thuesday working on my project, just got it marked, 10am

Nothing after this so I am going home for a nap, tomorrow will be my Day off too, work 1 day , relex for 2, super!


Overnight at uni

This is my first time I staying over night at uni,

2am 5am now, we have done all our stuff, but there is no one to pick me up today,

So 4 of us just gonna stay here all night,

<3 24 hours Mac

What's open this late ?

5:45 Found a good place for sleeping, there is like 10 other people around, all dead, still there is bed for the 4 of us.


Had pretty good 3 hour sleep, woke up automatically just 15 mins untill class.

Woke Stev up, others didn’t seem to sleep well